The Mating Of Michael (Sex In Seattle #3) (5 Stars)

The Mating of Michael (Sex in Seattle Book 3) - Eli Easton

I couldn't put this story down. The characters were richly developed, and the story was well thought out and enjoyable. Michael is a sex surrogate and nurse, and once I understood his motivations and heard his thoughts, I was in love with him. He was extremely generous down to his core. He saw people for the wonderful and amazing beings that they were and didn't pass judgment on them.


James was an author and, as an avid reader, I loved getting a glimpse behind the scenes of that world. Although his personality was prickly, down deep he was a good person who just desperately needed to move on from his past. Michael and James formed an interesting partnership, and I really thought they worked well together.


There were only a few steamy scenes, but they were utter perfection. The reason behind everything that happened to James made so much sense and solidified the entire story. Although this is the third in the series, the stories are only loosely related. However, the first two were also great stories, and I highly recommend them.