In Your Eyes (Mates #3) by Cardeno C. (5 Stars)

In Your Eyes - Cardeno C.

Samuel Goodwin spends his entire life training to be the best alpha, both mentally and physically, but until he can connect with his pack on an emotional level, he knows he'll never be truly successful. The story is told from his point of view, and with his uniquely quirky personality, it was quite the treat to read. He takes his responsibilities very seriously, and he would do anything to ensure the safety of his pack. Unfortunately, he is missing the other half of his soul and isn't sure where to look for his mate.


Korban Keller, who was absolutely adorable with his sweet and pleasant disposition, is next in line to be the alpha of his pack. Samuel and Korban meet at a young age and run into each other fairly often. Samuel is convinced that Korban couldn't possibly have good intentions and is always leery of everything Korban says. This made for some very interesting interactions between the two of them.


While the first half of the story focused on Samuel and his viewpoint on life, the remainder of the story focuses on his relationship with Korban. Korban brings out the passionate side of Samuel that nobody had ever seen before. For the first time in his life, Samuel understands what it means to truly love and care about somebody. These two alphas made an amazing team, and you can easily envision their future together.


I really enjoyed the action that takes place as the pack alphas fight to gain control. Although this is part of a series, each of the stories can be read on its own. However, I highly recommend each of the three stories. They are each uniquely told, and this is one of my absolute favorite paranormal series.


I love the concept of one true mate, and this story delivered it beautifully.