M/M Romance Group's Love's Landscapes Reviews (Post #1)

I always love this event. Readers post a picture and a prompt, and then authors volunteer to write a free story based on those two items. I'm not in the mood to figure out how to add these to the database, so here's my quick recap of the few 5 star stories I've read so far. I'm not writing a review for anything less than 4 stars. Stories for this event and prior ones can be found at www.mmromancegroup.com.


Villains (Love’s Landscapes) by Andrea Speed (5 Stars): Extremely enjoyable, action-packed futuristic story. I loved Kaede and his interesting antics in this very cool world.

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The Lonely Drop (Love’s Landscapes) by Vanessa North (5 Stars): A very touching story about two people who mistakenly walked away from each other when they were younger. Now they are trying to reconnect, but both are struggling to take the final step. Excellent writing and dialogue, along with two characters I really cared about, made this a very compelling story.

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Carte Blanche (Love's Landscapes) by Nash Summers (5 Stars): My heart was breaking for Jude who was suffering from severe OCD. At the same time, I was so touched by Devin's actions to help Jude. This story triggered both sad and happy tears.

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NOTE: Some of the stories have already been posted as a file to download. If it wasn't, I used the SendtoKindle Chrome extension to send the text to my Kindle. I then cleaned it up in Calibre, but it wasn't really necessary.


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