Summer Movie Reviews

I see a lot of movies, and I am usually easy to please. But not so much lately. I've seen four action movies over the past few months and thought I'd share my opinion for those interested. In order by favorites:


Godzilla - Loved it!!! Reminded me of the tv show I used to watch as a kid. Very entertaining and actually got me to shed a tear. Saw it in 3D and it was worth the extra price. Very well done graphics.


X-Men - The action scenes were awesome, but the rest was boring. I can't believe they made the younger version of Patrick Stewart's character into a whimpering, whining sap. Ruined it for me. Jennifer Lawrence and Hugh Jackman were great!


Captain America (latest one - forgot the name) - Enjoyable popcorn flick but not fantastic by any means and not very memorable.


Spiderman - Cheesy humor and boring story. Action was pathetic. Wished I wouldn't have seen it.