Loving Jay by Renea Kaye (5 stars)

I loved this touching romance with its two amazing characters.  Liam Turner has never really experienced true love or even been in a relationship that really excited him. Fortunately, he meets Jay Bell, and his life is almost instantly improved. Liam is a sweet, down to earth kind of guy who rarely gets riled up until Jay enters his life. Now, Liam will do just about anything to protect the man who has stolen his heart.  The story is told from Liam's POV, and I just couldn't get enough of his voice. I thought it would be hard watching him question his sexuality and the way he would treat Jay because of it. Instead, I couldn't have been more thrilled with how the author played out this plot. Jay was phenomenal with his sweet demeanor, heart of gold, and ability to talk non-stop about almost anything. The story was filled with honest conversations, amazing dialog, a well-developed relationship, and just the right amount of background activity to keep the story moving forward. The best part was how the author managed to hit me on an emotional level throughout the story. I was shocked to see this was her first published story, and now I'm really looking forward to her next one.

Source: http://www.sweptawaybyromance.com/2014/04/loving-jay-by-renae-kaye.html