Heart Of An Angel (Fallen Warriors, #5) By Rosalie Lario (5 Stars)

Heart of an Angel: A Fallen Angel Romance (The Fallen Warriors) - Rosalie Lario

I have loved this series since its beginning, and I still do! Nate lost his mate over a decade ago, and his heart still carries the scars. Being almost immortal angels, he and his mate should have been together forever.  Nate's having a hard time believing he could ever be with anyone again, and he's really struggling with his feelings for Abby.  Although they have a lot in common and get along wonderfully, she's not a full angel and definitely not immortal. His struggle to let himself be open to love again felt very realistic and credible given the circumstances.  I loved Abby and found her to be strong and feisty. She knew she wanted Nate, understood his dilemma, but wasn't willing to walk away easily. At the same time, she had enough pride in herself to be willing to admit defeat, if it became necessary. These two made a great couple, and they worked well together. It was great seeing the angels from the earlier stories make appearances and continue to work together.  This story also made progress on the overall arc of the series. One of my favorite paranormal series, I thoroughly enjoyed this action packed story filled with a sweet romance.


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