Shiny! by Amy Lane (4 Stars)

Shiny! - Amy Lane

A sweet story about believing that you deserve to be happy.


Will Lafferty and Kenny Scalia meet under unusual circumstances, and then begin an amazing friendship before progressing to a relationship. They share their tale in flashbacks during a family wedding. Will and Kenny take turns sharing the events of how they met, how Will finally realized that he was gay, and the course that their relationship has taken to this point.


Will and Kenny were both enjoyable characters with plenty of personality. I loved that Will was not only a very open and honest person, but also that he was very mature in his communication style. He really wanted to make things work with Kenny. He saw the issues before they were coming and thought through potential solutions. Kenny was adorable but so insecure in his ability to hold somebody's interest for any length of time. He was also slightly shallow in his original assessment of Will as evidenced by his repeated inner monologues about Will's looks. You could sense Kenny's very real and palpable anxiety over the possibility, and inevitability in his mind, of Will leaving him. It created the angst in the story, but overall, this was not a very angst-filled story.

The focus of the story was on the issues and troubles people deal with in a new relationship. Although he lost his teaching job, Will was trying to grow his side business as a graphic novelist. It was wonderful seeing how much faith Kenny had in Will's capabilities.


One quirk with the writing that became a bit tiresome was the extensive use of exclamation points. It created a tone which just didn't feel natural during their conversations.


I really enjoyed watching these two wonderful guys slowly build their relationship and fall in love with each other while dealing with life's every day challenges.


Copy provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review. Originally reviewed for The Romance Reviews.