Kobo Sale - 90% discount code - fdkY9rd

For those willing to deal with Kobo, this code worked on quite a few books. I listed the ones I bought since I always like to see what others were able to get a code to work on. Of course, you have to buy the books one at a time in order to apply the code which is one of the reasons I hate buying from them. Also, many of the books are Adobe DRM. I have no idea when it expires.


author title
Andrew Shaffer Fifty Shames of Earl Grey
Grey, Andrew Crunch Time
Grey, Andrew Artistic Appeal
Grey, Andrew Burnished by Fire
Grey, Andrew Bottled Up
Grey, Andrew Legal Artisry
Grey, Andrew Unconditional Love
Grey, Andrew A Helping of Love
Grey, Andrew A Taste of Love
Grey, Andrew An Isolated Range
Grey, Andrew Love Comes in Darkness
Grey, Andrew A Serving of Love
Grey, Andrew Love Comes Silently
Grey, Andrew A Slice of Love
Grey, Andrew A Volatile Range
Hawk, Jordan L. Threshold
Hawk, Jordan L. Stormhaven
Hawk, Jordan L. Eidolon
Labont, Richard Best Gay Romance 2013
Lane, Amy Christmas Kitsch
McAuley, S.A. Someday It Will Be
McKenna, Kendall Brothers in Arms
McKenna, Kendall Fire for Effect
Merrow, J.L. Camwolf
Myles, Josephine Barging In
Speedwell, Rowan Illumination
Various Necking: A Dreamspinner Press Anthology