Pilgrimage by Kim Fielding (3 Stars)

Pilgrimage - Kim Fielding

He was swept away to another world where he met his soul mate. But how will he survive if he has to return home without him?


Mike Carlson becomes a pawn in the war between gods. He is sent to another world to complete a pilgrimage to help save a village of people from a fate worse than death. Goran offers to be his bodyguard and tour guide. As they slowly become both friends and lovers, they must eventually deal with Mike's departure from Goran's world.


Mike Carlson was an extremely self-centered individual. Although he wasn't a bad guy, he really never went out of his way to help anybody else. Goran was just the opposite and made a point to always return the favors of the villagers that helped them. If somebody fed Goran a meal, he caught them enough meat to feed them for a week. As Goran slowly shares the details of his life, it's even easier to adore him.


Unfortunately, Mike and Goran don't spend much time talking to each other until halfway through the story. The beginning is focused on Mike's thoughts, which weren't very interesting, in part because he was such an unemotional person. Once these two started to really connect and share with each other, the story became much more intriguing. I was definitely hoping that they would find some way to be together and find happiness.


An enjoyable story for those who enjoy rich, historical details and authentic worldbuilding.


Originally reviewed for The Romance Reviews. Copy provided by publisher/author in exchange for an honest review.


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