Mark Cooper Versus America by Lisa Henry and J. A. Rock (5 Stars)

Mark Cooper versus America - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock

Opening up your heart and mind can lead to clarity and acceptance in your relationships and life.

Mark Cooper was forced to leave his home in Australia to follow his Mom and her new husband to Pennsylvania. He now has to rush a local fraternity, and he's not happy about it. Deacon Holt happens to belong to the fraternity next door, but he isn't going to let a little rivalry keep him from hanging out with Mark. Now these two need to see if they have enough of a connection to build a real relationship.

Mark Cooper is such an angry person at the beginning of the story, as he's trying so hard to please so many other people. He does it in a way that certainly doesn't make him appear spineless, but I did feel sorry for him. He has no idea what he really wants out of life yet.

Deacon is the level-headed guy that always seems to know exactly what to say and what to do. He knows what he wants out of life, and he's determined to get it. He has to deal with his Mom who has some serious OCD issues, including constantly imagining the worst case scenario. He did a great job trying to help her deal with her issues, while at the same time realizing that he could never solve her problems for her.

It was really interesting watching these two characters learn about themselves and make a conscious effort to accept certain traits while trying to bring about change in other aspects. Watching Mark realize that his attitude was triggering some of the problems with other people was really eye-opening. He slowly realized it wasn't really him against the world. He was simply getting his own attitude reflected back at him. Seeing Deacon accept that he likes being the guy that provides support to others was also interesting.

These two together were smoking hot. The sex scenes were off the charts, although the fisting scene was a bit too realistically painful to read. I really liked both Mark and Deacon at the beginning of the story, but I loved them by the end. This was a decent length novel, and yet I still wanted more. The ending was wonderful, but I would also love at least another glimpse into their lives.


Originally reviewed for The Romance Reviews. Copy provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.