Interview with Otis & Elizabeth Chandler of Goodreads


Not sure why I bothered to read this, but I did. Some of my favorite "you've got to be kidding me!" points (I have edited this content to highlight points - see the link for the full interview):


You’ve hit 100,000 authors in the Goodreads Author Program. Do you actively recruit authors for this? Do they come to you?

EC: We don’t want to spam our users. We’re only at the tip of the iceberg of what we can do for authors in terms of helping them connect to fans. I was once having drinks with the author Tim Ferris, and we looked at the site together and saw that [tens of thousands of members] had read his books. And he was like, “Great! How can I email them all?” And I was like, “No, we don’t have that.”


In 2013, Amazon bought Goodreads. I know there was a little bit ofbacklash–and some users even shut down their Goodreads accounts because of the Amazon purchase. People liked that Goodreads was crowdsourced, that you couldn’t buy reviews on the site—and they worried Amazon’s ownership would change that. It looks like that hasn’t happened, but what has joining Amazon changed for you guys?


EC: I think all those things you said haven’t changed. You can’t buy reviews on Goodreads. It’s still crowdsourced. [Amazon]’s not involved in the way we run Goodreads. Just to allay your fears!

OC: Yeah, they sat us down and said, "Guys, how can we help make Goodreads bigger and better? What resources at Amazon can do that?" And you know there’s a couple obvious answers—like they have metadata in other languages, and that’ll help us grow our catalogue. And they have a large server called Amazon web services that will help us scale bigger in the future.