Walk With Me (Home #8) by Cardeno C.

Walk With Me - Cardeno C.

A brilliant crush-to-friends-to-lovers story that brings an end to one of my favorite series.

Seth Cohen is a young rabbi who is very devoted to the people in his town. He always puts their needs first, and works relentlessly to help out whenever possible. Unfortunately, this doesn't leave with him with a lot of free time. However, he always makes time for Eli. Eli Block has adored Seth since the day Seth served as the counselor at Eli's summer camp. Once Eli is an adult and the two reconnect, Eli and Seth easily become best friends. This is a lovely relationship story with well-developed characters who are not only funny and charming, but also sexy and loving.


Every chapter is introduced with a unique wedding invitation. There were so many funny moments in this story with the characters and the outrageous weddings that Seth officiated. Eli was a absolute stitch when he was younger and constantly hitting on Seth. As he matured, he turned into an amazing person who loved music and shared his talent with others. Eli loved Seth with all of his heart and was always there to take care of Seth without ever being asked. I loved that the story takes place over a long period of time. Since Eli was so young when he met Seth, the duration of their friendship made their eventual romance even more realistic. Seth was very hesitant to move his friendship with Eli into any kind of romantic relationship for several reasons; all of which made perfect sense. One reason was that Seth had previously only been involved with women making him question why he was developing feelings for a man. I loved being inside Seth's mind as he worked through his acceptance of his romantic love for Eli.


Although Seth is a rabbi, this is not a religious story. Although Seth has loved both men and women, this is not a story focused on bisexuality. This is simply a beautiful relationship story about two people who truly love each other to the bottom of their souls.


It's so hard to see a series you love come to an end. The author writes amazing character-driven stories, keeps with this formula, and delivers another winner. I highly recommend this amazing romance with unique characters that truly come to life.


Originally reviewed for Swept Away by Romance.  Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

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