Celebrating You by Grace R. Duncan (5 Stars)

Celebrating You - Grace R. Duncan

The world, as we know it, has been wiped out. Fortunately, true love is still a reality.


Daniel and Jake have both spent the past several years living on their own. Daniel has managed to set up a home and has become fairly self-sufficient. Jake has been wandering around the world not really sure what he's looking for. One chance meeting will change both of their lives forever.


I absolutely adored this story. Daniel and Jake are both wonderful people as evidenced by their behavior. Daniel has several animals that he is taking care of and Jake has his wonderful horse. They were both very kind and considerate to each other. Although it was a short story, I actually felt like I got to know both of the characters and truly believed that they had a chance at a future together. I really enjoyed watching them play chess, cook, and talk to each other. Although it was close to being the end of the world, and options were limited, I still felt that they had a real connection with each other. There is also one truly steamy little scene.


I really enjoyed this heartwarming story with two sexy men who turned the end of the world into the beginning of their future together.


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