I Don’t: A Christmas Wish by Kari Gregg (3.5 Stars)

I Don't: A Christmas Wish - Kari Gregg

I loved the concept of the story. Owen doesn’t want to marry Seth even though the law finally passed legalizing gay marriage. His reason is that so much money is being spent fighting for this right when it could be spent on other rights, like not being discriminated against at work. Owen felt he would be a hypocrite for following through with a marriage. However, there was also an underlying question about whether Seth truly trusted and believed in his relationship with Owen.


The author tried to explore both of these ideas while dealing with the family holidays. If the focus was just on the belief in the relationship, then this would have been more enjoyable. But since the heavier topics were brought up, I really felt they needed to be addressed more appropriately. There was too much waffling on these ideals, and the ending felt like everything Owen was fighting for was just dismissed.

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