More Than Just a Good Book by Sloan Parker (5 Stars)

More Than Just a Good Book - Sloan Parker

Two older college students finally find the perfect boyfriend in each other, but first they have to work through some issues to get their happy ending.

Mark is looking forward to graduating from college and moving as far away as he can due to his poor relationship with his family. Scott will be starting graduate school soon, but doesn't want to move too far away from his Dad. This is one of the major barriers that they need to get past if they want to stay together. They also have to deal with bullies, Mark's controlling personality, and other school related items.


I liked Scott and Mark and thought they worked well together as a couple. They both love to read, and seemed to enjoy spending time together. Scott was a loner who lived in his world of books, but he didn't actually come across as lonely. Mark has a pretty vibrant personality, and he was also very interested in taking care of people. There were a few times that they acted a bit immature, but they were quick to admit they were wrong and move forward. Considering neither of them had really been in a good relationship in the past, this made the story feel much more realistic.


The sex was smoking hot and plentiful, but it didn't overwhelm the story. They were both into light bondage and spanking, making the story pretty erotic. Mark is somewhat insecure with his need to dominate another man, and it was interesting to watch him work through his desires. Mark is controlling outside of the bedroom, too, which Scott didn't seem to mind. However, at the same time, Scott didn't let Mark get away with anything he didn't want him to.


I also loved Scott's dad, and the strong relationship that they had. He played a pivotal role in the story in a good way. The epilogue was perfect, and their gifts to each other were so romantic. Enjoyable, erotic story about older college students working through life's challenges together.



Originally posted at The Romance Reviews. Copy provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.