Pen Name - Doctor Chicken by KC Burn (5 Stars)

Pen Name - Doctor Chicken - K.C. Burn

Sometimes when love seems too good to be true, it really is true and worth going after.

Stratford Dale, aka Doctor Chicken, is a famous author of children's books. A bad contract has him living paycheck to paycheck while working at a horrible company until he can get all of his student loans paid off. He's never been in a good relationship, but he keeps hoping to meet his one true love.


Vinnie Giani has been taking care of his mom and sisters since his dad died. He's finally at a point where he can start to enjoy life, and he's ready to share that life with somebody. These two immediately hit it off, but they have to deal with a few trust issues before their relationship will be solid.


I adored both of these guys! Stratford is very shy and has abandonment issues after being dumped by his parents for being gay. He has a heart of gold and a sharp wit. Vinnie is a successful businessman and loves to be the protector of his family. It was enjoyable watching these two really get to know each other through dates and some incredibly sexy scenes. They both had reasons not to fully trust each other right away, but it was hard watching them jump to the wrong conclusion sometimes.


Fortunately, they were both mature enough to deal with the issues and talk through them. However, this was not a story with major trust issues or a lot of arguing. It was just two slightly insecure people, who weren't used to being in a relationship, trying to make sure they were truly wanted by each other.


I was completely absorbed in what was happening in the lives of Stratford and Vinnie. I just wish the ending had included an epilogue. I wanted more of these two characters and would have loved to have seen how everything worked out. In fact, I would love another whole story about them.


Enjoyable character driven romance with a couple of nice guys finding their true love.




Originally posted at The Romance Reviews. Copy provided by author/publisher in exchange for fair review.