More Than Everything (Family #3) by Cardeno C. (5 stars)

More Than Everything (Family #3) - Cardeno C.
Amazing tale of love where true happiness comes in the form of an extended relationship.
I absolutely loved every minute of this story and simply couldn't put it down.  The blurb made it clear what the story was about, but the opening helped to cement that, while you might be in for a bumpy ride, the ending would leave you with a smile.  
This was not your typical menage tale.  We spent the beginning of the story watching a young Charlie and Scott fall in love. Initially told from Charlie's point of view, you can't help but fall in love with him. Charlie was this wonderful character who you could easily imagine being your best friend. He was funny, engaging, and completely true to himself.   Watching Charlie and Scott spend several years together in high school was very touching and gave us a deeper understanding of their lives and their relationship. Scott was one of the nicest guys around, and it was heartbreaking when he had to move away.   
Charlie eventually hooks up with a somewhat ornery Adan. Although Adan was too immature and insecure to keep Charlie, it still broke my heart when Charlie finally left him. It was helpful getting Adan's point of view during this time so you could understand what he was thinking when he made some really bad decisions.
Flash forward to when the three of them meet once again, and we get our final happy ending. It wasn't easy, but it takes place over a longer period of time allowing both Charlie and the reader to forgive Adan and Scott and agree that they finally deserve Charlie. In typical Cardeno C. style, the sex scenes are always smoking hot and fit in perfectly with the story.
I laughed, cried, and got upset while reading this story. I was completely engaged with the characters and their lives, and I highly recommend this to readers who enjoy a unique romance.