Freshman: Uncut (Ivory Towers #1) by Daisy Harris (3 Stars)

Freshman: Uncut - Daisy Harris

A grad student, Shane, hooks up with a freshman, Angel. Although both guys seem to have good hearts, Angel has serious issues with communicating anything. He pretty much comes across as a jerk which made it really hard to like him. The majority of the story is focused on their sexual experiences before they even get to know each other. I just found it very frustrating to watch this non-relationship in action. There is a teaser at the end of this HFN book which made it clear that Angel's issue doesn't get any better.


I didn't realize this was part 1 of a serial book. I didn't care for the characters, so I won't be reading the rest of the series. The writing was fine, and I would read other books by this author, but not this series.