Review: Puzzle Me This by Eli Easton (3 Stars)

Puzzle Me This - Eli Easton

Playing games can be fun as long as it isn't with somebody's heart.

Luke Schumaker is a video game designer who is fortunate enough to work at home. One day, he discovers a crossword puzzle with an extra clue and realizes somebody is interested in him. Wheelchair-bound since birth, Alex Shaw writes crossword puzzles for a living. He's been watching Luke through his window and decides it's time for them to meet.

Told from Luke's point of view, the story focused on whether or not he could spend his life with somebody unable to walk. Luke was a nice guy who was constantly throwing out one-liners, but he was a bit immature in his behavior, especially as he became move involved with Alex. Unfortunately, Alex was also a bit immature. For example, he had a rating scale which he used to determine if two people were good enough for each other. It would have been fine to do that if the focus was on personality traits, like compassion, instead of physical attributes. 

There is a lot of sex in this story starting from almost their first meeting. I would have liked to have seen that time spent developing the relationship and characters more. I really enjoyed the puzzle angle.

Sex-packed story with a unique use of puzzles, this nice little short was an easy read.


Originally reviewed for The Romance Reviews. Copy provided by author/publisher in exchange for honest review.