Review: A Daring Ride by Andrew Grey (4 Stars)

A Daring Ride - Andrew Grey

Being true to yourself shouldn't be so hard and put you at risk of losing so much.

Simon "Frizz" Frizzell is a bull rider with a very religious family that doesn't approve of his riding or his claim to being gay. Jacky Douglas loves the rodeo and the riders, and he's really attracted to Simon. As these two start to spend more time together and care for each other, they both need to determine if they are ready for a real commitment.

Simon is such a strong risk taker in the rodeo, but outside of that, he's very afraid to take any chances with his personal life due to the potential consequences. His parents have made it very clear that they are opposed to homosexuality. If he were to come out to them, there's a good chance he might not see his younger brothers and sisters until they are adults. Jacky has been burned before by somebody unwilling to be openly gay, and he's not sure he can handle it again, but his heart is willing to try again for Simon. 

The story focused around the time they spent at the rodeo and on the farm together. The majority of the angst comes from Simon's desire to be open with his parents, but his fear in doing so. There were several times in the story where we were told what was happening. Unfortunately, a few of these didn't move the plot forward at all and almost felt like filler material. I would have liked to have seen those same pages devoted to developing Jacky's personality more or moving Simon and Jacky's relationship even further along. 

However, I thought the author did a great job with the sex scenes by switching between extensive details and off-page scenes so it didn't overwhelm the story. I don't think you have to read the first story in the series to follow this one, but Wild Ride was enjoyable and it was nice to see Dante and Ryan again.

Sweet and sexy rodeo romance with a focus on the challenges of coming out to a non-supportive family.


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