Compensations (Life Lessons, #3.5) - Kaje Harper I had to increase this to 5 stars after reading it in order. It actually makes more sense (no kidding!), and it's actually more optimistic than I realized. Now I can't wait for the next one!!! I just hope, and I'm not beneath begging, that we get to see some resolutions with the open issues, but that everything happens with Tony and Mac still completely in love with each other.

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I made the mistake of thinking I was caught up on this series and read this one. Big mistake. The author clearly stated there are major spoilers if you hadn't read the 3rd book. But that wasn't my issue. I would suggest reading this after the 4th book comes out and you can read it immediately after. There were too many open issues. It's still an extremely well-written story that completely hooked me! The absolute love and adoration between these two in what is a very challenging situation was beautiful to see.