The Princess and The Prepper - Barbara Elsborg Fast, easy to read, steamy story. The main characters were a bit depressing with both of their backgrounds having so much sadness in them. The insta-love was a bit hard to buy but somewhat plausible. The biggest problem I had with this story is that it really needed to be a full-length novel. The author had all of these great issues to work with, and interesting characters to develop, and it was just too much for a short novella. We didn't get to see the romance develop into a believable love match because Lila spent too much time with the trucker and her abusive boyfriend. We also didn't get to understand why Grant would disappear for a year, and why his family would let him get away with it. There was one other point that really bugged me and made me not love Grant. It was a small part of the story, but created some major issues in my mind. Grant accuses his mother of not liking his deceased wife because she was black. But then he agrees with his Mom when she defends herself, and admits that wasn't the issue. Why on earth would he just throw out a comment suggesting that he thinks his Mom is a racist without any reason when he hasn't talked to her in a year? What kind of person does that make Grant to accuse her like that when he knew it wasn't true?