Talker - Amy Lane This is part of a trilogy, and I read all three books back-to-back. My review is based on reading it that way, and it would have been less stars for any book on its own.

I loved certain aspects of the story, but was disturbed by others. This wouldn't be on my list of Lane books to recommend, but I'm not sorry I read it.

I really enjoyed the characters. They were well developed and unique. They were a perfect match for each other, and I savored the slow development of their relationship. I also thought having the story take place over several years made everything more realistic. The minor characters in the story were all important and added value. The story moved along nicely and was always interesting.

I didn't like the amount of violence in the story. It was very disturbing reading about a child almost burning to death, a man being raped, and somebody getting severely beaten up. I also struggled with the time-frame jumping all over the place. I had to keep trying to figure out where the story was at - past or present - and it was frustrating.