Dirty Laundry - Heidi Cullinan Reviewed for Bitten By Paranormal Romance

I absolutely loved this exceptionally well-written, dialogue intensive, character driven romance with some extremely steamy and kinky love scenes. Adam and Denver both have some issues that they need help with and find that they are the perfect people to help each other out. Adam suffers from severe OCD, and Denver is the first person to completely accept him and provide him with a sense of security he's never had before. Denver has some learning issues that have forced him to limit his options in life. Adam is more than willing and capable to help him with this challenge.

The story takes place over several months which really allows us to see the characters go through some life-altering changes, truly fall in love with each other, and provide for a realistic relationship with typical ups and downs. Denver also has a penchant for dirty-talk, and he is positively wonderful at it! I really liked how the author alternated between the exact words Denver used and Adam's summary of what Denver was saying. I think that helped it to avoid sounding cheesy at all. There is quite a bit of sex, but not enough to overwhelm the plot at all. Their play included bondage, spanking, anal, oral, and gags.

I'm hoping that Louisa, the one other true friendship that Adam developed during the story, will get her own story.