Second Hand - Heidi Cullinan, Marie Sexton Review posted at: Swept Away By Romance

Sweet but clueless, Paul Hannon never felt like he came first for anybody. Can El Rozal, a man that knows all about second hand things but nothing about relationships, convince Paul that he's first for him?

Paul is stuck in a new town with a rental home he can barely afford after being dumped by Stacey, his ex-fiancée. He's in a job that is one step below where he really wants to be. His house is full of stuff that he couldn't afford to buy in the first place, but did it to make Stacey happy. He has the brilliant idea to get rid of his stuff at the local pawn shop where he meets El, the owner. El is immediately smitten with Paul, and finds ways to make sure that they can spend time together. The story focuses on the development of their relationship while dealing with the ex-fiancee and family issues.

I loved this story! I enjoyed the new-friends-to-lover theme with El and Paul spending a lot of time together just hanging out before it turns into something more. Paul is pretty gullible in so many ways, but he's so sweet that you just want to protect him. El, who doesn't believe in relationships, truly enjoys being with Paul and genuinely cares for him. They spend quite a bit of time "dating" which I always find very romantic. Paul's acceptance of his desire for El was very realistic especially given his long-term relationship with Stacey. Once they pass the point of friendship, the sex was extremely erotic and steamy!! Although characters from the other Tucker Springs series appear in this story, it isn't necessary to read them in order. I've enjoyed all of the ones I've read so far!

*A copy of the book was kindly provided by Riptide Publishing via NetGalley*