After the Sunset - Mary Calmes Enjoyable conclusion, at least we got a real HEA, to the first Timing book. The story was addictive to read, but the pacing seemed a bit off. First, there was non-stop sex with Stef and Rand followed by some touching moments showing that they were finally together for real. Then Rand goes off for a few days, and we're living the rodeo life with Stef and the other ranch hands and a whole lot of Rand's relatives. I could not keep track of all of the people that were thrown into this story. I just found it too exhausting, and frankly didn't really care about any of them. The ending was touching.

If you read the first one, you almost have to read this to get the final HEA. However, I really wish this would have just been an extended epilogue or a 50 page short completely excluding the whole rodeo scene.