Giving an Inch (The Professor's Rule #1) - Heidi Belleau, Amelia C. Gormley Review originally posted at: Swept Away By Romance

How much trouble can one mistaken text get you in? James is about to find out!

James Sheridan will graduate with his Ph.D. if he passes the final candidacy exam. The only problem is that he has nothing appropriate to wear. While trying on some new clothes and flirting with the salesman, he accidentally sends a picture of himself to his old professor. Professor Carson, his former Dom/lover, is more than excited to get the text and is hoping this is a sign that they can pick up their relationship again.

The entire story takes place in the clothing store, and more specifically the changing room, where James alternately flirts with the sexy young salesman, Satish, and exchanges very interesting texts with Professor Carson. James left the relationship with Carson because he was afraid he was losing himself to this domineering and extremely kinky man. The texts are pretty steamy and give the reader a good idea of a lot of things that happened during their relationship. There is one really sexy scene between James and Satish, but everything else is just flashbacks. Since everything is told from James' POV, we got to know him pretty well for a short story.

I loved the author's writing style which kept me hooked throughout. Unfortunately, the story has a very ambiguous ending. Based on some blog comments on the authors' websites, it appears this is the first chapter in a serial story. If there had been a solid ending, this would have easily been a 5 star read for me. As it is, without reading the rest of the "chapters", and not even getting a HFN in this one, my rating has dropped significantly.

*ARC kindly provided by Riptide Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*