Making Promises - Amy Lane I really enjoyed this one. I loved Mikhail & Shane. Great characters who very well developed. They were both good guys - not a bad bone in their body. They both had a lot to deal with during their childhoods. I loved seeing the characters from the first book. A great relationship story with the real focus on the two of them figuring out how to spend the rest of their lives together.

I loved the dance angle with Mikhail - both at the studio and at the fair. Although Mikhail's Mom was dying for a good part of the book, she was treated like a positive force in Mikhail's life. She had a fun personality, and always said the best things.

Not to analyze it too much, but I noticed that there were several opportunities for Lane to take this story in a direction that would have made it really depressing. I'm so glad she didn't. There was some angst, and it certainly wasn't sugar sweet, but it was a pretty light read for the most part. There was enough activity during the story to keep it interesting, especially given how long the book was.