Love, Hypothetically - Anne Tenino Reveiwed for BittenbyParanormalRomance

The main focus of this story is watching Paul try to determine if he can ever forgive Trevor for a past transgression and give their relationship another shot. Paul is a strange character who manages to annoy or irritate most people. It's surprising he has as many close friends as he does given his personality. However, they manage to see past the strangeness that is Paul, and care about him regardless. He spends time with each of his 3 friends who help him learn how to forgive and move on with his life.

It was a shame it took 9 years for Trevor and Paul to reunite. Trevor is a nice guy with a huge amount of patience. We get to see the moment Trevor made his major mistake in a flashback but the rest of the story is told in the present day. We also see Trevor try very hard to make amends including a romantic boat trip. This was a nice story, all told from Paul's POV, with a lesson on forgiveness. As his friend Brad said, "Sounds like you can be right or you can be happy."