The Rebuilding Year - Kaje Harper Extremely well written romance with great character development, steamy sex, and a nice background plot. I was worried about two things when I picked up this book. First, I have a weak stomach and was worried that there would be intense descriptions of his injuries. That didn't happen. It wasn't ignored, but it wasn't described in too much detail. Second, I was pretty sure I would be crying pretty heavily - it is Kaje Harper after all. Thank goodness that didn't happen either. Although I was completely in love with the characters, and hanging on every word of the story, it wasn't a tear-jerker. Just a welling up of the eyes in happiness at the end. The murder mystery going on in the background just served as something to keep our characters busy as opposed to being the crux of the story. Instead, the story was focused on watching two men, who were straight, slowly and surely fall completely in love with each other while also dealing with family issues.