Ryland's Sacrifice - Kim Dare Very enjoyable story! I liked the characters, and the fact that they knew each other before falling in love made it more realistic. But it is a PNR, and they are mates, so insta-love isn't totally unexpected. It was an interesting glimpse into the werelion world although there weren't a lot of details provided yet. I also liked the other characters we were introduced to. I was a little disappointed that the issue with the loan shark was left open. I guess I wanted details on how that got resolved. I was also a little confused about why Ryland was adamant about wanting to be treated like a lion, but it started to make more sense toward the end. The sex scenes were extremely well written - definitely worth reading again! The relationship wasn't really a physical D/s but more just about language (master/pet)and behavior (a lot of kneeling). I'm hoping to get more answers in the next 3 books:-)