Something New Under the Sun - L.A. Witt Reviewed for Bitten By Paranormal Romance

Wow!! I was hooked from the beginning and the action never let up. Fast paced action with two guys who truly loved each other and would gladly make real sacrifices to help the other out. We are introduced to a world where the haves and have-nots live very different lives down to the air that they breathe. Liam and Daniel are amazing characters and work well together, as much as opposites can! Liam has lived a dangerous life for the last few years, and he's a very successful contract killer. He is more than ready to try to take down Daniel's father and his organization. Daniel, the man who is afraid of heights and who gets squeamish at the sight of blood, is not ready, but is certainly willing, to help Liam out. They make a great team with enjoyable banter. The story offered up a few little twists and surprises, but there was never any angst between the two guys which is one of my favorite types of stories. The ending and epilogue were pure perfection!

I highly recommend that you read the first book, A Chip in His Shoulder, before this one. It provides the necessary history to make this story really shine. It was also an excellent read!

This book contains male/male love scenes in graphic detail. There were only a few sex scenes, and they certainly didn't overwhelm the story. There were also a few descriptive medical scenes when they were adding or removing mods. The squeamish can skip these with no impact on the story.