Winter's Tale - Emma Holly I was pleasantly surprised by this story! I was expecting a quick and steamy read with some insta-love and paranormal aspects. I got all of that plus some extras.

First, I loved both of the main characters. December was a very cool character who just seemed to make the best of everything. The entire story is from her POV, but we still got to know Hans well enough to know that he was an amazing faerie/elf guy. There were some pretty steamy scenes here, including when he was still a statue, but nothing over the top.

Second, the plot was interesting and exciting with some action thrown in. Third, although there was a lot going on, it wasn't too much. Everything that happened had a purpose, meant something to the story, and found a resolution.

Last, and the reason it got 5 stars, is that I was expecting the story to end at the 70% mark which would have been acceptable. But it didn't! She took it the rest of the way and truly convinced me that these two were made for each other, and would easily spend the rest of their lives together. That cinched the romance angle and made it amazing!