Hidden Crimes - Emma Holly I am not a fan of children in stories, and I usually completely avoid any books with violence against children. This has both, and I almost stopped reading it once I discovered that. I'm glad I didn't because it was an amazing story.

Nate and Evina are both really strong characters with interesting lives and personalities. Watching them connect with each other and slowly fall in love was great. There was plenty of steamy scenes which were pretty kinky including bondage and toys.

The plot was disturbing since it involved the killing of small children to steal their magic. There was plenty of action but it was easy to follow. It was great to see the characters from the prior stories show up in more than just bit parts. Adam and Ari were in here quite a bit.

I'll probably hold off on the next book until after I find out the violence level, but I'm glad I ended up reading this one.