Caught Running - Abigail Roux;Madeleine Urban This was a five star read for me until the end. Not that it was a bad ending, just that it didn't resolve all of the open issues. It needs a epilogue or follow-up story. This is the second book by Roux where that happened. [b:The Archer|3322012|The Archer|Abigail Roux||3359826] was the other one. I'll think twice and check reviews in advance before buying the next one.

I loved the characters and the fact that the majority of the story was focused on the development of their relationship. The school & coaching plot was interesting and kept the story moving along. I liked that we got both of their POV's, although it was confusing at times because very often it literally changed every paragraph without warning. I liked that they both fell in love with the same doubts but also without fear. There was very little real angst in the story and no silly "misunderstandings" to create major drama. Although there were a lot of issues not fully tied up at the end, there was one that really bugged me. Brandon suggested that he might be able to help Jake out with his pain using massage among other things. But then they never discussed it again. Since Jake's chronic physical pain was a major issue in the story, it really bugged me that it was just dropped like it wasn't that important. I'm still glad I read it, and I can understand why a lot of people thought this was a good book for people who have never read M/M before but wanted to try it out.