Silver/Steel - Belinda McBride Reviewed for Bitten By Paranormal Romance

Absolutely phenomenal paranormal romance!

The character development was exceptional. In addition to getting to know about their lives and personalities, they spent a lot of time together slowly growing their relationship. Dylan is an ancient fae who has to satisfy a promise he made to a demon. He is very powerful and naturally dominant. Travis, the shifter, thinks he's constantly causing trouble, but in reality he's very kind and one of the most generous members of the pack. Together they make a great couple and are very supportive of each other. There was quite a bit of, but not too much, steamy sex with some light bondage and spanking.

There was a lot of interaction with the pack, including appearances by Blacque and Bleu. The plot was very interesting, and although there were a lot of different events happening, it was easy to follow. The entire time I was reading this, I felt like I was in their world. The descriptions were detailed enough to transport me there without ever being boring or over the top. The emotional moments tugged at my heart strings, but there were never any issues between Travis and Dylan which is my favorite kind of romance.

I highly recommend reading the first book in this series, [b:Blacque/Bleu|9491707|Blacque/Bleu|Belinda McBride||14377167]. It's not necessary to read it to understand this story, but it's one of my all-time favorite stories so it's definitely worth it.