The Bound Series - Ava March A strong and deep friendship moves into the territory of love during a time when it was illegal for two men to be together. Can they make it work?

Vincent is strong, successful, and still fighting for his father's approval. Oliver is his best friend, supportive in every way, with a sweet disposition and relaxed manner. Oliver has been in love with Vincent for a very long time and finally found a way to have one amazing night with him in secret. One night surprisingly turns into another, and they continue to explore Vincent's need to dominate Oliver in the bedroom. As time goes on, they must work through the important details of a solid long-term relationship while keeping their love a secret. The dialogue, character development, and erotic sex scenes came together to form a quickly moving and beautiful love story. Every time they said "I love you" to each other, it brought a smile to my face. It was so obvious that these two not only loved each other, but truly enjoyed being together.

I purchased each book separately. Although I enjoyed each one, and they each end with an apparent HEA, it really isn't until the end of the 3rd story that you truly believe they have worked through all of their issues and will spend the rest of their lives together. The BDSM elements were relatively light, including spanking, flogging, and bondage, but the sexual scenes were extremely descriptive.