Second Chances - T.A. Webb Addictive writing style kept me glued to the pages even when I couldn't see through the tears in my eyes. One man's journey through a challenging life including love, death, betrayal, and forgiveness. I find it challenging to really describe all of the different things that this story is about without giving anything important away. Although it was a romance, it was also much more than just that. Very few stories hit me this hard emotionally. It wasn't because certain things happened, but instead because of the ability of the writer to get in my head and make them feel real.

Here are some of the issues if you're concerned they might bother you: In addition to losing his Mom and one of his lovers during the story, Mark also deals with teens who are sexually abused and hooked on drugs. Although one of Mark's lovers cheated on him before the story began, there were certain activities taking place during the story with Mark that I would consider cheating.