Hammer & Air - Amy Lane A very creative fairy tale love story with true friendship, "kill for you" devotion, smoking hot sex, and a happily ever after ending.

Toss your grammar book out the window because the story is told from the POV of Eirn, and he doesn't speak perfect English. In fact, far from it. Eirn and his best friend, Hammer, were brought up together at the orphanage and were the best of friends. They thought they would spend the rest of their lives together in their sweet little town until one day that dream was shattered by an evil man. This leads to the beginning of their adventures including finding a magical cottage to live in, and living with a bear who shifts to human at night.

Although they each knew their love for the other was unshakable, they couldn't seem to believe that they could be loved back just as strongly. Learning that truth was the heart of the story.

Includes M/M, and M/M/M.