City Mouse - Amy Lane, Aleksandr Voinov Reviewed for Bitten By Paranormal Romance

City riches and country lifestyle can't really live well together, or can they? Owen decided to give up his life in the relaxed country to be with Malcolm. Owen develops his own life in the hectic city, and finds a job that brings him personal gratification. Unfortunately, Malcolm is working insane hours, and struggling to find the time to have a real life with Owen. On top of that, Malcolm can't understand why Owen is willing to work at a job that barely pays him. The story focuses on bringing Malcolm to his senses, and helping him appreciate Owen.

The story worked well in some areas, but fell flat in others. There were quite a few enjoyable steamy scenes taking place in all sorts of different places. There was also plenty of great dialogue while the two of them tried to work through their issues. Therein lies the problem. There were too many issues, and the story was too short to feel like they actually solved any of them. I believed they had a better chance of being happy at the end of the first story than I did this one. I wasn't sure Malcolm was capable of changing his life to stop being a workaholic and spend more time with Owen. It made me cringe when Malcolm went out with a friend to Market Garden, the same bar from the Market Garden series, just because he had a tiff with Owen. There were also problems at Malcolm's office which were never resolved. Needless to say, there were too many unknowns for me to walk away with the good feeling I like to get from a love story.