Gay as Mardi Gras - Lily Velden A story so devastatingly simple, and yet so wonderfully executed, that it left me with happy tears at the end!

Jesse is just getting over the ending of his relationship with his best friend and childhood sweetheart, Janey. His Nan decides what he really needs is a break before starting his new job so she sends him on a month-long cruise. Since Nan is convinced that Jesse is gay, the cruise ship is filled with men, much to Jesse's chagrin. He lucks out when his roommate, Daniel, is also there alone, and they quickly become friends.

I love a new-friends-to-lover theme. Jesse and Daniel form a quick friendship discovering that they have a lot in common and enjoy each other's company. There was the perfect amount of dialogue and descriptions of their daily activities to believe in the developing relationship.

Although everything was only told from Jesse's POV, it worked very well in this story. Jesse's character was developed enough that to make sure we fell in love with him and wanted him to be happy. Daniel was presented as a very sweet and considerate person deserving of Jesse's love. The sex scenes were steamy and fun. The only angst was wondering if Jesse could accept that he really was gay. I read this straight through, enjoying every emotion it pulled from me!

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