Something in the Way He Needs (Family #1) - Cardeno C. If you've never needed anybody before, if you've never really been needed before, will you know how to handle it when you finally do?

Asher is a tough cop who doesn't do relationships but enjoys being a Dom for a night. Daniel appears to be a flighty young man without any desire to really accomplish anything. Asher lusts after Daniel the minute he first sees him while at a bachelor party in Las Vegas. Daniel refuses to do a casual hookup with Asher. For the first time in his life, Asher decides he can accept that if it means he gets more time with Daniel. Their relationship continues with Daniel moving in with Asher, but certainly not without its challenges. The biggest issue is Asher's incredible and surprising possessiveness of Daniel.

We are slowly introduced to all of Daniel's amazing capabilities which make for several surprising treats. These two people truly cared deeply for each other, and it showed in their actions. The story takes place over several months allowing for the realistic growth of the characters in their feelings. Although Asher is portrayed as a major Dom who enjoys whipping and caning subs, the only thing that takes place in this story is one spanking. There are a significant number of very hot and descriptive love scenes.

Extremely well-developed characters, minor characters who helped contribute to the story, great dialogue, and solid relationship development made this a fantastic story! I'm thrilled to have found an author that I've never read before, but will certainly be reading again!

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