Through These Eyes (Blind Faith, #2) - N.R. Walker I really enjoyed this very necessary follow-up to the first story. I felt like I got my true HEA. There was a bit of overwhelming detail that didn't take the story anyplace slowing down the intensity. Otherwise, it would have hit the 5 star mark. There was one important detail that completely made the romance work for me, and if it hadn't happened, I would have been really frustrated. Isaac still had some serious maturity and coping issues throughout the story. Saying your sorry can only cut it for so long. Maybe it would have helped to get his POV? In any case, I was so caught up emotionally in this story, but the HEA was not going to work unless something important that needed to happen actually happened. And it did. Isaac started seeing a therapist and Carter and Isaac saw a couple's therapist. Now I'm very happy I read these two books back to back!! I'm also happy I found a new author to start reading!!