Grey's Awakening - Cameron Dane Can two men, who have sworn off relationships, ever find true love again? Can two men have non-stop sex and not be raw with pain because of it? Yes and Yes!!

Grey and Sirus definitely have a lot of personal issues to work through. Fortunately, they not only found their soulmates in each other, but they also found the person who will help them heal and become happy in their lives once again. There was an interesting dynamic between these two physically powerful men that gave off huge sexual vibes. On top of that, they had a lot of sex. I think they might have set some sort of record. While there was a lot, and most of it was very erotic, there wasn't anything too kinky and no BDSM for those not interested. Dane writes amazing sex scenes and you get your fill here. In between the sex, there are some very emotional and heart-felt moments between these two wonderful characters. When I hit the last page and had a happy tear falling, I knew it was a 5-star read.