See the Light - Cassandra Carr The hardest part of playing hockey in the Olympics should be the game, not hiding your sexuality.

Jason Monroe is a young, sexy hockey player who was chosen to play in the Olympics. Patrick Parker, a former hockey player, is now an advisor to the team. Neither of them is openly gay for fear that they won't be accepted in the sports world. Their instant attraction to each other surprises them both. Although they know it's risky to start any kind of relationship, their attraction is too hard to ignore, and so begins their affair.

Jason and Patrick are both nice but somewhat lonely guys. They are also a little insecure and not sure where they stand with each other or how far they want to take the relationship. Because of their hectic schedules, they really don't spend a lot of time together. However, the time that they do spend together is usually spent engaging in sex. The other main focus of the story is on whether they should come out to the public or not, and what impact it will have on their careers.

The dialogue, while witty, was very limited. It would have been great to have the characters more developed and see more depth to their relationship. Although the plot revolves around hockey, there was actually very little discussion about the game. The story was a little bit preachy about the unfair treatment of people who are gay. This can be accomplished better with actions than sermons. The ending didn't attempt to solve this problem, but gave us a ray of hope and a nice ending for Jason and Patrick. Overall, it was an enjoyable, sweet and sexy read!

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