The Heir Apparent - Tere Michaels Is being the heir to a fortune worth hiding your true love?

Henry Walker is expected to be the heir to his father's extremely wealthy business, but to do so, he must keep up the pretense that he isn't in love with another man. Archie Banks, Henry's childhood friend and lover, is also the chauffeur for Henry's family while working his way through college. Archie is about to graduate, and begins to ponder if his and Henry's relationship will continue when they no longer have easy access to each other. A kidnapping plot which ends in tragedy brings many of these decisions to the forefront. Trying to solve the mystery of who would do this to Henry's family puts everybody under suspicion.

The bulk of the story revolves around the kidnapping plot and trying to determine who did it. Archie was a well-developed character who was strong and determined. His mother's presence in the story was also very helpful in establishing his background. Henry was a bit self-centered and slightly cold. His own acknowledgment of his personality flaws and his desire to improve helped to make him a more lovable character. Henry's father certainly wasn't a very warm and caring individual, especially toward his son. This created some empathy for Henry. Other characters in the story helped the plot and were also well developed. It was nice that there was never any doubt about whether these two men loved each other since they had been together since they were children.

The romance angle was lacking a bit. If they had spent more time together engaging in dialogue and discussing their feelings, it would have definitely been an amazing story. Overall, it was an enjoyable suspense story and the resolution of the kidnapping was a page-turning event.

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