Never a Hero - Marie Sexton Reviewed for Bitten By Paranormal Romance

Compassionate coverage of some difficult subjects, Sexton managed to create two compelling characters who need each other in order to finally accept themselves as they are.

Nick was the veterinarian with a secret he doesn't want to share. Owen was born with only one arm due to an amniotic band in the womb. However, for both of them, their real problem lies in their reaction to their circumstances. Owen has the additional burden of dealing with a horrendous mother who treated him as if she would have preferred he was never born, and a father who was too weak to stand up to her. After suffering through a challenging childhood, he is finally making strides in creating a life for himself, although it's still a very lonely one.

Once Nick moves in next door, they become extremely good friends. There are several false starts to their relationship as they realistically work through their issues. Although this wasn't a full length novel, there were a lot of issues addressed making this story feel full and move quickly. There were additional characters that helped moved the plot along, but for the most part, this was a heavy relationship based story. There were a few lovely steamy scenes. There were also quite a few heart-warming scenes as we watched both of these guys slowly come out of their shells. At one point, Owen makes a decision that was difficult to watch, but understandable. Overall, this was an amazing book!

With thanks to Riptide via NetGalley for providing a copy of this book for review.