Calling the Show - J.A. Rock Exceptional story about two people falling in love for the first time, learning a bit about themselves and BDSM, and maturing into their relationship while in college. Jesse is quirky and awkward, saying things he shouldn't say, but trying really hard to accept what it means to be in a relationship. Simeck is street smart, has tons of friends, but falls for Jesse for some reason. I loved watching the two of them get to know each other. The story is told from both POVs with a chapter devoted to each. I love stories told this way so you don't get confused about who is talking (I'm admittedly senile sometimes!). There is spanking with a hand and a ruler, nipple clamps, and light bondage. There were some really well-written steamy scenes in this one!! I wasn't ready for this story to end. I believe they got their HEA, but they were both kind of young, and there was so much more that could be told. I'm greedy and just wanted more.