Frat House Troopers - Xavier  Mayne Cute story but it seemed like two books. The first half was over the top with an undercover police investigation into an online video porn site. Between the naked guys walking around, the almost strained feel to the relationship between Donnelly and Brandt, and the attraction between Brandt and Nick, I wasn't sure what was happening. There were definitely some very funny lines during this part, but I was close to not finishing it.

The second half was a completely different 5 star book. It was romantic, sexy, and filled with love between Brandt and Donnelly. The friends to lover theme kicked in, and you could now tell that they were best friends meant to be together forever.

Glad I finished it, and overall I liked it and would look for other books by this author.

Buddy read with Karla! Thanks Karla:-)