Slam! - J.L. Merrow Witty sarcasm coupled with a sweet romance made for a story that's hard to put down!

Jude Biggerstaff is a recent college graduate who hasn't quite started to work on his career. After a bad breakup, he decides to live with his Mom, work on his violin and poetry skills, and hang out with his best friend Keisha. After David saves Jude from being mugged, they begin a lovely romance. Since David isn't completely out, and Jude's Mom is dating David's coworker, there are some interesting antics taking place.

Phenomenal character development with Jude, his best friend Keisha, his Mom, and David. The story is told from Jude's POV, and he is one of the most sarcastic and funny characters I have ever read with Keisha as a close second. Their relationship was truly the key to this wonderful story. I could have read about them all day and never got tired of their conversations. Jude's love interest, David, was a nice guy who was still partially hiding the fact he was gay from the rest of the world. They had a very sweet relationship developing with David trying to get to know Jude through several dates before engaging in a physical relationship. Considering Jude could turn almost any comment into a sexual innuendo, this wasn't easy for David. For the bulk of the story, you're basically following Jude around in his daily life, including some fun poetry slams, looking at things from his very interesting perspective. I'm really looking forward to reading this book again!

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